Let’s keep EveryCook going!

Dear subscribers, backers and friends

We are now in the middle of our crowdfunding campaign and would like to thank you for your continuous support.

The devices we have sold will go to awesome people.

One device goes to the US and will be delivered to Googleplex in Palo Alto. The Googler who bought it has done many projects like 3D printers combining hardware and software and we look forward to getting his feedback.

Many friends in Switzerland also bought EveryCook devices. Some are software specialists, some are hardware hackers and some have no technical background at all.

EveryCook will have to perform well in all fields. Whether people are looking inside the device because they bought a kit to be assembled or they look at the code as they are software developers or they just use the interface and run the device as pure users, we will address all these demands.

There is still time to achieve our ambitious goal. We need your support to successfully complete our crowdfunding.

So if you did not buy one yet, buy it now! And please make some noise! Spread the word about EveryCook! Since you are reading this, you understand the awesome potential of EveryCook. Many people still don’t see that potential. We do our best to show them how awesome EveryCook works. But your recommendation to friends and followers may be the little extra effort needed to convince people who are still hesitating.

If you read this and are hesitating to spend money on EveryCook, please don’t hesitate to give us feedback about what holds you back.


Alexis, Samuel and Thomas from EveryCook