Impressions from our live demos in Hamburg

The EveryCook team has just returned home from an exciting weekend in Hamburg where we presented our device to a broad audience of tech enthusiasts. During the two and a half days we digitally cooked more than a dozen delicious dishes that have enjoyed great popularity. But clearly the food was not the only thing that attracted attention at our stall. Congress visitors also crowded around the three EveryCook prototypes with which we cooked the meals. Many of the tech enthusiasts could at first not believe that the cooking devices in front of them could not only be fully controlled with a smartphone or laptop but also access the online recipe database. Even bigger was the surprise when we showed off how the machine can automatically cook the online recipes and give the users step-by-step instructions when ingredients need to be added.

Many of the visitors also remembered the presentation Alexis held at the congress last year and were surprised about the progress we have made in one year. Overall, we had a lot of interesting discussions with the many people who dropped by at our stall.

Thanks to the very talented people of the food hacking base at the 30C3, we also got some new recipe ideas that we could try out at the congress. Among the many things we cooked were a traditional tomato risotto, tasty Thai Curry, delicious pumpkin soup, deep-fried vegetables and the one dish that was gone the fastest: chocolate fondue